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  'Our experience of working with leading edge security systems can protect your staff, premises and equipment.'  
Integration, open platforms and the mobile revolution

Traditional security systems were originally proprietary, focusing on who should have access to the building. The global communication revolution changed all of that and customers now demand much more from their security system. Full integration of the access control, CCTV, and intrusion systems formed the first wave of progress and as systems moved towards more open platforms, integration has now become common-place with BMS (Building Management Systems) and directory services such as LDAP. Developments of mobile applications are now providing further possibilities for security systems.


'In addition to being proficient with the security system, today's security installer must also be fully-coversant with the world of IT'

Asset ID prides itself on being a leader in this field and our customers are benefiting from new technologies being available ahead of our competitors and enhancements to systems are being fed back to manufacturers much quicker because we understand the IT technology that the systems run on.

  The devlopment of CCTV cameras from medium resolution, analogue cameras to high resolution web-based, IP cameras has revolutionized the industry. Analog cameras were limited by a typical maximum resolution of 1,080 pixels whereas today's IP cameras start at this resolution. Video compression has had to keep pace as recording this amount of data, for 30 or more days, requires a lot of space.  
  Asset ID are partnered with a leading, UK manufacturer of rack-mounting servers and workstations providing us with our own specification for CCTV recording. These come-in at a fraction of the cost of those offered by other manufacturers and offer reliable, long-term useage that can be easilty maintained.  
Intruder Alarms
  Although it has taken slightly longer for the world of IP to fully-envelop the Intruder Alarm sector, customers are now benefiting from enhanced integration and lower costs of monitoring as a result.  
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